Fall is here…

A few colorful leaves to begin our fall season- yay!

…and school has begun! Ryley started 8th grade this week- and Camryn started 5th! We are already wearing sweatshirts and starting to see the colors change. I probably said this last year too- but after years of living in the tropics (both Florida and the Philippines!) I still get SO excited to have seasons!

Our girls are doing great in school and will also be busy this year with musical theater. They both just made it into a production this fall and they are SO excited! Thank you for their prayers for them!

Moody Aviation News… Airplane Accident Update

 Please don’t stop praying for Moody Aviation… the tragic airplane accident that took the lives of Diego Senn, Austen Lee, and Andrew Trouten on July 13th has hit everyone so, so hard. We are sensing a renewed sense of purpose and focus in the students and staff – even more of a confident resolve to go to the ends of the earth and do what these three men had dedicated their lives to do. We are grateful to see how God is using this tragedy to draw our community closer- both to Him and to each other.  God is so good at turning tragedy into glory for himself and drawing people to Him in the process.

Please keep their three wives- Naomi, Yuki, and Rebecca, in your prayers as they continue to grieve and process what life looks like now. Between them, there are 4 kiddos who can’t understand where their daddy is, and 2 who are yet unborn. We know God’s heart is close to the widows and orphans, and we pray that these families will sense God’s deep love and care for them. As a community we have set alarms on our phones to pray for these ladies and their children at 3:06 every afternoon… 3 for the wives, and 6 to represent the sweet kiddos. We’d love it if you would join us in this daily prayer effort.

In a mix of bitter and sweet (so much of life is like that, isn’t it?) we are so excited to see fresh new faces arriving on campus. Joel now has 3 more students he is training this semester, and working toward their long cross-country training trip next month. Please pray for Baden, Steve, and Jonathan as they work hard to complete their missionary aviation training.


Pasta Night is Back!

Screen Shot 2018-09-10 at 10.31.26 AM

After a summer break, we are so excited to be opening our home TONIGHT to begin our weekly Pasta Night gathering again. It’s been so fun to watch God use this informal meal and gathering to bring staff and students together to get to know each other! We’ve seen groups up to 40! It’s so fun to see our backyard (and house!) full of our Moody community, playing games, having meaningful conversations, and spending time together and building community. What a blessing it’s been.

Would you like to be a part? We are looking for sponsors again this year… if you would like to sponsor one Pasta Night, or several, you can do so by clicking HERE. We’ve calculated that one Pasta Night costs about $40. Just make a note that it’s for Pasta Night, and we will make sure it fills the bellies of hungry students.

We enjoyed getting back in the airplane with Joel this summer 🙂

Thank you so much for being on our team!

Under His Wings-

Joel & Missy, Ryley & Camryn

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