Furlough, Flying, and Fresh Beginnings


But first- a quick update!

How is it May already!? This semester has FLOWN BY (haha! get it??) … Joel has been flying with his students like crazy, the girls have been busy with musical theater and school and church… and I’ve been helping coach some recent graduates with their support raising for their next steps, and making pounds and pounds of pasta each week. Our life is definitely full and busy!

Look at this pretty tree in our yard!

Here is a quick photo album of our last few months!

As winter has passed and spring is now here, it seems the same is becoming true at Moody Aviation. Since the loss of our friend Diego and his 2 students in the accident in July, we can see God’s faithfulness to all of us and the hope that only He can bring. We are seeing new things happening- new depth to our Moody community, and a new drive within the students to impact the nations with God’s love using the airplane. Sorrow and sadness along with new life and new hope… sometimes life brings both.


Here are some of the beautiful fresh beginnings we have seen:

-Moody Aviation was gifted 3 amazing new flight simulators.

-We have now fully encompassed the Bible and Missions prerequisite classes onto our aviation campus since the Moody Biblical Studies campus here closed last year.

-We have purchased a new Cessna 172 to replace the one that was lost. (Joel and another instructor got to fly it to Spokane all the way from the east coast of Florida!)

-We have added a bunch of new classroom space on our aviation campus- a huge job and a huge accomplishment.

-And for those three sweet families who lost husbands and daddies… in a sweet gift during their grief, two of the young moms have since given birth to their sweet baby girls.

Teaching in one of Moody’s simulators

We continue to love our ministry here and it’s so exciting to see what God continues to do. Our weekly Pasta Night has grown to bring in an average of 40-50 students, staff, and their kiddos. Joel and I often meet for meals or coffee with students and student wives, to come alongside them and encourage them on their journey toward missionary aviation. Joel loves flight instructing and enjoys discipling his students just as much as teaching them the technical skills of flying. And I have been able to be more hands-on with some of the graduates with our same mission (Proclaim Aviation Ministries), coaching them in their support raising and helping them with ideas for sharing their vision and excitement for aviation ministry.

FURLOUGH in July and August!

Moody has graciously allowed us to take this summer to come visit all of YOU and update you on our ministry here at Moody Aviation. We are so excited! So during July and August, we will be visiting our supporting churches in the Atlanta area and then in Florida- and giving you a first-hand glimpse into what our lives look like here and what God is doing through Moody Aviation. Here is a sneak peak into the video Joel is working on right now… we can’t wait to show it to you!


We already have lots of churches scheduled in the Atlanta and Sarasota areas. If you would like to set up a meal, a small group, or a coffee with us, please let us know! We would love to spend time with you all!

See you soon… Under His Wings-

Joel & Missy, Ryley & Camryn


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