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We are Joel and Missy, Ryley and Camryn Davis.

We love Jesus and have a heart to reach the unreached with God’s love.

We had the privilege of serving for almost 7 years in aviation ministry in the Philippines. Joel flew needed supplies in and out of remote jungle locations where missionaries are working to translate the Bible into the heart languages of the people there. There are no good roads in our out of these villages, so the airplane served as essential transportation for the ministries there. We loved our time in the Philippines!

In 2016 we were thrilled to join the team at Moody Aviation in Spokane, Washington, training the next generation of missionary aviators.

Joel is a flight instructor at Moody Aviation, working with students in a few different types of aircraft, teaching them about mountain flying, landing on grass and dirt airstrips, and making good traffic and weather decisions. I (Missy) enjoy using our home for hospitality, feeding lots of hungry college students through our weekly Pasta Night ministry, and coaching recent graduates with their support raising for future ministry.

Moody Aviation places a huge emphasis on training in not only technical skills, but also character and their walk with Christ when our students come through our program. We absolutely love sharing our missions experiences and things we’ve learned, mentoring and encouraging these students as they train for missions.

We love that our ministry in Spokane MULTIPLIES our efforts, training pilots who will go overseas and continue the work God is doing. They are going out into places where we can’t go… touching lives that God has ordained for them to touch… and we are so excited and humbled to have a small part of that.


We are serving at Moody Aviation through Proclaim Aviation Ministries and depend on individuals and churches who support us monthly in our ministry. If you would like to be a part of our support team, click the Proclaim logo above.

Click this photo for a great video about the ministry of Moody Aviation.

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